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Geeks? Nerds? Gamers? There seems to be more and more of these types of people in our lives today! One would think that there would then be more and more resources available for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, girlfriends, etc…to help the not-so-geeky educate themselves on what is currently a big deal in our geeks and gamers lives. Have you ever tried shopping for your nerd? It can be quite a frustrating event, if you don’t have the right guidance! Should you let your young geek watch the newest comic book movie or show? Searching the interwebs for help on this subject revealed little. Surfing the net, looking for gift guides or “mom” review of games and TV…nada. Zip, zilch, zero. What?! Inconceivable!

Naturally, my inner superhero knew just what to do about this villainous problem. Spend hours watching comic book movies and shopping researching the topic, playing video games all day  coming up with ideas for compelling content, and then bragging blogging about it. Trust me, even before you buy it, because you know I have!

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February LootCrate – DEAD!

What is LootCrate? – It is basically a “crate” (AKA – an absurdly awesome cardboard box featuring artwork on the inside that I’d gladly use as wallpaper for the whole house!) that contains 4-6 items following a monthly theme. NEW! There is a t-shirt in EVERY crate!! That right there is worth the money you spent on the whole crate, if you ask me!!


February’s theme was DEAD. The Walking Dead and…DEADPOOL!! Don’t hate me, but I don’t watch The Walking Dead. I know, I know…nerd heresy. BUT, it honestly scares the sleep right out of me, so I leave that horror to the hubby and the teenager! Apparently soap ear necklaces are all the rage right now, so that delightful item disappeared the moment I snapped my last picture!


The best part of this month’s theme?! DEADPOOL! The figurine is ah-maze-balls! The youngest E will run off with that, but this SuperMom is keeping her Deadpool shirt!! I’ve adored every single shirt LootCrate has sent me. Nerd magic.  Deadpool was the most terrific Valentine’s Day present ever. My husband had it so easy this year, hahaa! Thank you, Marvel. Thank you, LootCrate!

Price: $19.95/monthly recurring – use this link to get $3 off your first crate!

Appropriate for: Everyone 10+. The “ear” necklace is funny, and not gory at all. The t-shirt has no violence or profanity! I love that I can trust LootCrate to send me items I can use for my whole family of nerds!

Upon opening the mailbox and seeing my Crate each month, I literally squeal with delight!! It’s here!! It’s HERE!! I can guarantee that any nerd in your life would feel the exact same way!

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Hey! I’m looting over here!

Black cardboard boxes, a monthly delivery of geek it brings…ah, these are one of my favorite things!

Summon - September LootCrate

Summon – September LootCrate

LootCrate – a monthly recurring subscription box curated for geeks, each box following a nerdy theme. I’ve seen themes ranging from heroes, villains, game or show specific, classic and retro, and much more! These “crates” usually contain 6-8 items a month, including many exclusive items; based on my quick research, this month’s contents have a MSRP of almost $60!

Recently, my husband convinced me to start watching Supernatural. Mmmm, Sam. Dean! Rawr! But really, that car. I love that classic, roaring Impala, so when I unboxed this month’s crate and discovered the exclusive die cast 1967 Chevy Impala Collectible, I was on the moon with excitement! The oldest E is a huge Pokemon fan, so I have a feeling that the adorable beanie will find it’s way onto his head more often than mine!

Price: $19.95/monthly recurring – use this link to get $3 off your first crate!

Appropriate for: Everyone 10+. If an item doesn’t catch the attention of myself or one of my little geeky gamers or isn’t quite appropriate, it gets stashed away for birthdays/Christmases. I’ve found, more often than not, that  a very delighted, surprised, and thankful home for those items come to mind! It also makes stocking stuffers easy!

Every month, finding this crate in my mailbox is an exciting adventure! Delight yourself or a loved one with a monthly crate full of geek delivered right to your mailbox!

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To Ultron or not to Ultron?

That really IS the question, now isn’t it?

Comic based media is loved, even worshipped by boys and men, little girls and full grown women. The lore is fantastic, the movies so action packed; it is hard not to be a geek in this marvelous Marvel madness! Now, as a almost 30 year old woman (I’ll be almost 30 until I’m almost 40, thank you very much), there was no question on whether or not I would be watching Avengers: Age of Ultron. I was going to, I did, and I loved it! At this point, the movie has been played in my house close to 20 times (thank goodness for digital downloads being available before it comes to DVD… we used Sony’s Playstation Store!) with that number rising almost daily! However, I was unsure if my boys would be watching it. The Es are 10 and 8, and they could rival the knowledge of some comic experts, but would this movie be too dark for them? Read on to learn what I considered before deciding to let them watch it or not!

Adult Situations- I really only thought there was one part that I would consider an “adult situation”. No big spoiler here, but the Black Widow makes a comment about wishing she had joined Bruce in the shower. The youngest E thought for a moment, as what she meant sunk in, then yelled “EWWWWW!!”. Overall, you don’t need to worry about this movie bringing up questions you aren’t ready to answer yet.

Violence- Obviously there is some violence, as it is a movie about the battle between “good” and “evil”. There is a ton of awesome superhero fighting scenes, but not much blood or gore to speak of.

Death- There is a lot of death in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It isn’t bloody, or even always shown, but the deaths are heart wrenching. The Es were both a wee bit sad a few times during the movie.

Considering all this, the husband and myself decided the Es would definitely be watching this! And as mentioned above, they’ve watched and watched and re-watched it! Glowing reviews for this one; grab the family, plop on the couch, and enjoy a quality cinematic experience!

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Treat Yo’self!

Luxury bath and body swag? Treat yo’self! High end make up? Treat yo’self! 

We’ve all window shopped, drooling while perusing the beauty aisles, wishing we could just “treat ourselves“. Here in the unscripted, low budget real world though,  we aren’t always able to spend an arm and a leg buying whatever the latest beauty craze is.  Wouldn’t it be just lovely if there was an affordable way for the common folk to experience some of that luxury pampering?! Maybe a try-before-you-buy type thing? Oh, would it ever!

Wait…could there be?! Is there?!

Yes! Yes, yes!! Yes!! OH YES!! Okay, okay, I’ll settle down a wee bit, but SERIOUSLY, I am so excited to share my favorite monthly beauty pick-me-ups with all you SuperMoms out there!

Ipsy – $10/month recurring

This box is by far my favorite of all the ones I have tried. You can’t beat $10 a month, especially when you get so much more than that for your money! You create a profile (link it to your Facebook and other social media to earn more points to spend in their online shop!), answer a few questions about your complexion, likes, dislikes, “problem areas”, and such and BAM! a box, curated to your profile shows up in your mailbox! Well, someday it’ll be BAM! and in your mailbox, but for now, please remember that it does ship once a month and there IS shipping time. Darn it. Worth every second of the wait though!!! See my #septemberglambag below!

September 2015 - Bronze Bag!

September 2015 – Bronze Bag!

Birchbox –  $10/monthly recurring



Similar to ipsy, this monthly subscription box is $10/month, but with an extra $2 for shipping. The contents of this box are usually brands I am already familiar with, or have used previously. I do seem to get a lot more body-centric products: lotions, masks, moisturizers, wipes, etc. This month was a surprise though! Birchbox sent me all new, all exciting things! Now, I kick myself here a little because I am extremely sensitive to fragrances and chemicals, so if something shows up in my box that is smelly in any way, it finds itself on it’s way to the neighbor lady’s house PRONTO! I didn’t snap a picture of the whole box before running a delightful, but fragrant orange cedar shower gel next door, darn it. I did get a picture though and you’ll find it below!

Orange and Cedar?! Nummy!

Orange and Cedar?! Nummy!

As I get new subscriptions, I’ll keep you SuperMoms updated on them! If there is a specific box you’re curious about, but don’t want to try it yourself first, comment below and let me know! I’m sure the hubby won’t mind one or two more recurring charges, right?  wink wink I’ll try them for you, then post my findings! Later, gators!